Friday, June 29, 2007

How Sukamal Pegu Got Chased, Got Bitten And Got 16 Injections - Part I

Dogs and I have always shared a strange relationship. Its not that I hate dogs. I love them and for most dogs, the feeling is mutual. Its just some dogs that I never really gelled with and that, more or less resulted in the title of this topic not once, twice or even thrice for that matter, but five times so far and still counting. Of course I didn't really have to take 16 injections all five times. Thanks to modern medicine, the last 2 times have resulted only in single shots.

Episode I
I lost my virginity at this act at a tender age of 2 years. Since I have no recollection of the whole incident, I will go with my mother's interpretation of the entire act. At that time a cousin of mine was staying with us and he had brought home a stray puppy. It seems I was also very fond of the puppy and was it's regular playmate. Until that one day when in play, I stepped on it's tail. I guess it must have been painful for the small puppy. Since I didn't really have a tail for it to step on, it went for the most well exposed part of my body, which was my right calf. Hooray!! I just earned my first 16 painful injections.

Episode II
I was 5 years old and curious about the world around. I used to ask a lot of questions, some of them really naughty but hey, I was an innocent little boy (still am). Also I love my food. I noticed for quite sometime that I was not allowed to have certain foods which my sister was allowed to have. It got me quite agitated and one fine day I decided to confront my mom about this. She gently explained to me that since I have been bitten by a dog, I can't eat certain kind of foods as they might cause allergic reactions. Hah! Nice try mom. And how did I get bitten? By stepping on a dog's tail? I might have been a 5 year old, but i liked to think that I was the smartest guy around. So I decided to prove my mom wrong. But unfortunately she was right. Dogs do bite when stepped on their tails. Second round of 16 injections.

To be continued...

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Jugal said...

Sukamal... want a treat... I promise I won't get my great dane along... that is IF it is a treat... *raises eyebrows*


(Lit crit: tighten it up, make it catchy and more punch.)

trashhead said...

lol.. thanks i am indebted to you for the little utility..

and thanks for the review.. it is intentional... to create just an interest.. that's why didn't release the last 3... watch out for them :D

Corny name said...

haha, poor doggies.
They got a bit of sukamal... must have gotten really sick

Divya said...

Haha...Getting chased and bitten five times...I am curious to know what happened the other three times you got bitten by a dog...when was the latest?

trashhead said...

wait till next week to find out :)

Manna said...

Man, this is really nice.

~PiScEaNaTeD~ said...

he he he .. too good..
and yes, i know what you've gone through.. we are in the same boat.. :) ..
m plannin to put up mine too.. thanks to u I got the idea of blogging 'one-of-those' experiences !
And yes, count me in as one of your latest blog fans.. :)