Friday, June 1, 2007

Ogre The Third

PS: This is Episode III. Please read Episode I and Episode II to understand this (It won't help much though. All episodes are totally idiotic and meaningless). It also coincides with the release of the latest Shrek movie, Shrek The a nice timing

And as usual, many thanks to Jugal

Episode III

The Galaxzee is in turmoil. The Farce is facing its darkest days from the Dark Lords of the ShiT. Da One has to be found. In his quest finding Da One, our young Padh-Wan Tike "Shrek" Myson has finally been able to locate the source...

PS: At Bangalore for the Aerosmith concert. Wait till Tuesday for the report and hopefully some media

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soumya mukerji said...

Guess what I've actually started following this story (and this is the only one I'm following nowadays... no soaps, no books!)You should actually contemplate signing up with Virgin! Looking fwd to the next episode! :P

DryWet said...

me too looking forwad to the next episode.. this is kinda getting interesting..